Surprising Origins of English Words -

Many Greek words became Latin words, which became French words, which became English words.Garbage, which has had its present meaning of food waste since the Middle Ages, was brought to England by the Normans, who had adapted it from an Italian dialectal word, garbuzo, which in turn had been taken from the Old Italian garbuglio (a mess), which ultimately had come from the Latin bullire (to boil or bubble).

How words travel

Every word has a story of its own to tell. And the story is never over — the word keeps travelling, being in a constant state of departure, yet never arriving.

  • canal and channel
  • regard and reward
  • poor and pauper
  • catch and chase
  • cave and cage
  • amiable and amicable
  • cattle, chattel and capital
  • hotel, hostel and hospital
  • strait, straight and strict
  • jaunty, gentle, gentile and genteel



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